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Event Planner & Event Management Company

We are proficient, inventive group of events organiser experts. Events Planner has joined for creating top-notch occasions of each kind and scale. Our energy is overseeing behind-the-scenes to convey an unrivalled occasion encounters for your group of onlookers. We blossom with charming you as an esteemed client by helping you have occasions that meet or achieve your business objectives.

Why Do You Need a Professional Events Management Company?

Your notoriety relies upon an outside view of your organization. First-Rate corporate occasions can help your validity with representatives, customers, prospects and media. Be that as it may, a defective occasion can frequently cause unsalvageable harm.

What We Can Do for You?

You can depend on us to oversee end-to-end coordinations for your occasion. Our centre obligation will include:

Innovative Ideas:- We work extremely difficult to change over creative thoughts into reality.

Successful Projects:- We upgrade the highlights of your limited time exercises to make your business more fruitful.

Latest Technology:- We utilize first-class Audio/Video and 3D projections.

Great Network:- We have the system you require. Together we can take your occasion higher than ever.

New Opportunity:- Our work and activities change the way individuals act and see opportunity and thoughts.

Stay in Touch:- Our group will answer every one of your inquiries and discover answers for any necessity.

How Do We Plan An Event?

What is most expected to make any day remarkable ?? The most basic is a delight, in fact, to make any day essential, we do energy with the objective that our days remain chipper and besides ended up being unprecedented. By and by multi day's everyone is amazingly involved in their existence with the objective that they can not make an awesome most, so we give you such an organization, to the point that your day should be fantastic and you can start your life.

Events Planner is a settled Event the board Company with the system to build up an energizing and rousing condition around the group of onlookers so our visitors or forthcoming customers encounter front line craftsmanship heading of each visual component – We lift the effect of every single occasion,(Gatherings, Incentives, Conferencing, Exhibitions) or Branding Portfolio to new dimension of accomplishment and unparalleled personality. Occasion the executives includes imagining ideas, arranging, planning, sorting out and executing occasions, for example, mould appears, melodic shows, corporate classes, wedding festivities, topic parties, item propelling and so forth.

"Events Planners", We are a Growth Oriented Professional Organization with all the innovative Concepts, Positive Approach, And Work Ethics and Integrity. We Are Known For Creating Ideas And Producing Subjective Themes As Per The Requirements, Allocated Budget and Assigned Time, Right From The Meticulous Planning, Visualizing, Conceptualizing, And Production and Finally Turning Even The Littlest Event Into A Huge Succession.

We work for their benefit, fulfilment and arrange every sensible spending plan. We connect with our clients with momentous thoughts and innovative ideas while offering our Event Services in Lucknow. We comprehend the way that the necessities of various clients are extraordinary, they have diverse desires and needs and we endeavour to serve the client as per their requirements in order to furnish them with the recollections that they can esteem until the end of time.

Events organiser provides you Excitement data, for example, motion pictures, funnies, books, and music, pull in light of a legitimate concern for some clients. Furthermore, Entertainment substance can be refreshed much of the time since they generally have the most recent data. The organizations that are thinking about substance advertising or inbound promoting, it would be ideal if you look at it once. Our vision is to Serve our Client In The Best Way, And We additionally Serve the providing food prerequisites of our clients, We build up a dream to keep up a deep-rooted association with our clients. Aside from abusing the business opportunity, We point towards giving the most adored.


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EB Party Planner wedding organizers constrained is the top event the board organizations in Lucknow. Having effectively coordinated a well-known wedding event for enormous names and VVIP Persons also. 

Our group of wedding organizers accepts that the most exceptional event in an individual's life is their wedding. In like manner, We give total event planning, directly from choosing the scene, overseeing sellers, making perfect wedding stylistic theme, to making greeting creatives and e-welcomes, video creation, amusement, neighbourliness, preparing that makes your fantasy wedding, a reality! 

We invest heavily in being outstanding amongst another wedding event the executive's organizations in Lucknow that structure remarkable and customized events in Lucknow. 

We likewise embrace a national goal wedding. A portion of the abroad wedding performed was in Lucknow, Sitapur, Bahraich, Barabanki, Varanasi, Gorakhpur, Kanpur, Agra and different urban areas.. 

From inventive conceptualization to faultless execution, EB Party Planner invests heavily in being the favoured top event the executive's organizations in Lucknow, Utter Pradesh for wedding event arranging of recognizing people who want a fantasy wedding festivity in Lucknow. 

Our flawless genealogy of Wizcraft, India's chief individual and business event creation substance, gives us the selective preferred position of having the elements required to make a top wedding event festivity really vital. 

We have conveyed impressive wedding event encounters throughout the most recent two decades and are currently ready to graph a totally different development story. Observing people over the globe have believed us with their wedding event arranging and we have dealt with probably the most rumoured weddings around the world. 

Our particular extent of administrations incorporates wonderfully planned customized greeting cards, expound style with globally acclaimed selective botanical structures. We house specialists in divisions like association, present-day innovation, stage plan and arrangement and visitor relations that general structures the centre idea that makes us the top event the executive's organization in India for weddings, gatherings, commemorations and comparative valuable events. 

We mix the best of customary and current components with accuracy enumerating, and make the ideal climate for your once in a blue moon exceptional event. Notwithstanding the compulsory necessities for a wedding, we make modified encounters in the zones of visitor amusement. From masterminding well known Indian and International artistes and entertainers to scripting engaging and intelligent exhibitions, we will render an extraordinary encounter for your regarded visitors. 

We likewise give total coordination and cordiality to the pre and post-wedding events, which incorporate customized thoughtfulness regarding your visitors at each phase of the festival, all expertly took care of with particular consideration. 

Alongside our centre competency in conceptualizing and overseeing huge wedding events, we likewise design and attempt a few events the board ideas like Anniversaries, Theme Parties, Birthday Parties, Social Gatherings, Gala Dinners across India.

Event Planners in Lucknow
Planning an event requires expert knowledge and with our full range of specialist services, we can deliver any style or event. Our fantastic event organisers have the know-how to bring about the best results whatever the occasion demands.
Event Management Company in Lucknow
As we event management specialists in Lucknow, India. We are the Professional event management architects, we are considered to be the best event management company in Lucknow and the fastest emerging one among the top event management companies. We offer streamlined events to suit your objectives, We provide corporate event management services that are fabulously planned and remembered always. This corporate event organisers in Lucknow has been there in the industry for more than 12 years of experience showcases our dedication to quality of service and going strong with every passing day. Behind every project, highly qualified people are here to help with all their talents. We have a core team to address your entire event planning needs and assured satisfaction and we constantly strive for achieving excellence in all aspects of the events we manage. we create and deliver projects of all shapes and sizes that are designed to engage your audience through live experiences. Our event management services are affordable and cost-effective.

There are few moments in life that remain unforgettable. We call them magical moments. A magical moment can move more than all efforts combined over a certain period of time. The moment that touches you deeply, lets emotions run wild, makes you forget everything else – achieving that one moment is our passion.
Pingpong Moments is one of the fastest-growing events management company which specialises in sports, public events, inaugurations, annual functions and corporate parties. We give an opportunity to build strong businesses by aligning their brand values to the values. Lucknow is a destination where almost every day an event organized by Pingpong moments.

Pingpong Moments is an independent company skilled in the implementation of sports events, Corporate parties, Schools & Clubs, as well as client and sponsor servicing pan India.

We promote healthy lives, balanced and active communities, and strong businesses. We strive to deliver high-quality events for our participants and a high-quality business return for our clients.


Event Planner expected set of responsibilities 

This Event Planner expected set of responsibilities layout is improved for posting on online employment sheets or vocations pages and simple to redo. Don't hesitate to adjust this set of working responsibilities to address the issues of your organization, regardless of whether you're employing for an event organizer, facilitator, or administrator. Post now on worksheets. 

Event Planner duties include: 

Event arranging, structure and creation inside time limits 

Working with customers to recognize their necessities and guarantee consumer loyalty 

Arranging offices and subtleties, for example, stylistic theme, cooking, amusement, transportation, area, invitee list, extraordinary visitors, hardware, limited time material and so on. 

Occupation brief 

We are searching for an effective and eager Event Planner to deliver events from origination through to finishing. Event Coordinator obligations incorporate giving remarkable client assistance and sorting out significant events that meet quality desires. 


Event arranging, plan and creation while dealing with all undertaking conveyance components inside time limits 

Liaise with customers to distinguish their necessities and to guarantee consumer loyalty 

Lead statistical surveying, assemble data and arrange contracts before shutting any arrangements 

Give criticism and intermittent reports to partners 

Propose thoughts to improve offered types of assistance and event quality 

Compose offices and deal with every one of event's subtleties, for example, stylistic theme, providing food, diversion, transportation, area, invitee list, unique visitors, hardware, limited time material and so on 

Guarantee consistency with protection, legitimate, wellbeing and security commitments 

Indicate staff necessities and arrange their exercises 

Help out advertising and PR to advance and pitch event 

Proactively handle any emerging issues and investigate any developing issues on the event day 

Lead pre-and post – event assessments and report on results 

Exploration showcase, distinguish event openings and produce intrigue 


Demonstrated understanding as an Events Planner or Organizer 

Great arrangement of recently oversaw events (weddings, gatherings, parties, corporate events) 

Magnificent time the board and relational abilities 

Deals aptitudes and capacity to manufacture gainful business connections 

Capacity to deal with different undertakings freely 

MS Office capability 

Ready to submit references from past customers 

BS in Event Management or related field



Steps to Become an Event Planner 

Stage 1 — Earn a Bachelor's Degree. Degree choices: ... 

Stage 2 — Get Experience. Complete an entry level position. ... 

Stage 3 — Develop Essential Skills. PC proficiency. ... 

Stage 4 — Earn Certification. Confirmed Meeting Professional (CMP): For show, meeting, and presentation event organizers. 

The way toward arranging and organizing the event is normally alluded to as event arranging and which can incorporate planning, booking, site determination, getting important grants, organizing transportation and stopping, orchestrating speakers or performers, masterminding stylistic layout, event security, cooking, organizing 

What are the five phases of the event arranging process? 

Terms in this set (5) 

Stage 1: FEASIBILITY (research) financial plan. target crowd. ... 

Stage 2: DESIGN. make proposition including suggested plan and exercises. setting - area search. ... 

Stage 3: OPERATIONS. set up group. site examination. ... 

Stage 4: ON-SITE EXECUTION. Can require significant investment. on location group. ... 

Stage 5: EVALUATION. last compromise. 

Events can be characterized based on their size, type and setting (event instruction, 2013). There are three primary classes which events go under. These events are private, corporate and good cause which are clarified underneath. 

What are the 5 C's of event the executives? 

The way toward arranging an event all the way might be separated into 5 fundamental stages, which we have called the 5 Cs. These are Concept, Coordination, Control, Culmination and Closeout 

Is Event Planning a decent vocation? 

A vocation in event arranging can be testing, yet it very well may be a rewarding activity with solid development potential later on. 

What is the distinction between event organizer and event director? 

There is an essential distinction between event arranging and event the executives. That will be that an event organizer is answerable for arranging the all parts of an event; while the event director is liable for planning and dealing with these viewpoints on the day. The event chief will run the event on the day 

Step by step instructions to Make More Money As an Event Planner 

Pick a specialty and exceed expectations at it. In case you're attempting to be an event arranging generalist, it's an ideal opportunity to get explicit. ... 

Use Pinterest and Instagram to "get found" ... 

Join SEO strategies with magnificent client support. ... 

Discard the possibility of the "normal" lady of the hour. ... 

Re-appropriate at every possible opportunity. 

The results of an irregular investigation are called events associated with the analysis. For instance; 'head' and 'tail' are the results of the arbitrary analysis of tossing a coin and subsequently are events associated with it. Presently we can recognize two kinds of events. (I) straightforward event. (ii) compound event. 

7 Essential Skills for Successful Event Planners 

Event arranging aptitude #1: Attention to detail. 

Event arranging aptitude #2: Communication. 

Event arranging aptitude #3: Problem-comprehending. 

Event arranging aptitude #4: Negotiation. 

Event arranging aptitude #5: Multitasking. 

Event arranging aptitude #6: Budgeting. 

Event arranging aptitude #7: Creativity. 

Put the most significant dates on the course of events. 

Come the line and imprint the spots where the events will go. Draw a line that is opposite to your principle timetable to show the years wherein the events happened, and record a short depiction of every one. Arrange the dates successively. 

Here are the six event arranging aptitudes you requirement for vocation achievement: 

Hierarchical Skills. Event organizers are profoundly sorted out individuals. ... 

Systems administration Savvy. All the best organizers are adroit organizers. ... 

Strength and Adaptability. ... 

A Basic Understanding of Events. ... 

Unbridled Creativity. ... 

Commitment to Client Service. ... 

Progressively like this: 

Excursions and Events 

Volunteer. Offering time to help a decent motivation isn't only useful for the spirit; it's likewise an incredible path for your colleagues to bond. ... 

Puzzle Dinner. ... 

Kayaking/Canoeing. ... 

Jumping place. ... 

Something Touristy. ... 

Painting Class. ... 

Cooking Class. ... 

Investigate a New Place. 

What administrations do event organizers give? 

Event Management Service List 

Site Selection and Negotiation. In light of your association's needs, MeetGreen gives huge assets to find meeting and lodging destinations around the world. ... 

Seller Selection and Negotiation. ... 

Meeting Logistics. ... 

Spending Planning. ... 

Course of events Coordination. ... 

Lodging Management. ... 

Participant Registration. ... 

Event Communication. 

What is a significant event? 

A Major event is "any capacity expected to pull in more than 200 individuals. Instances of significant events incorporate shows, move gatherings and huge. shows. These Guidelines apply to parties that are relied upon to be. gone to by an enormous number of individuals and where the capacity is either 

Start with the correct event apparatuses for your business 

Set a promoting spending plan and utilize a PR organization whenever the situation allows. ... 

Unmistakably characterize your extent of work, crucial objectives for your event business. ... 

Have your lift discourse prepared. ... 

Do your statistical surveying. ... 

Invest some energy learning charge laws and business documenting in your general vicinity. 

How would you deal with an event? 

The Top Ten Steps to Plan Any Event 

Build up Your Event Goal and Objectives. 

Sort out Your Team. 

Build up Your Budget. 

Make an Event Master Plan. 

Set the Date. 

Book Your Venue. 

Brand Your Event. 

Recognize and Establish Partnerships and Sponsors. 

How might I improve my event the board abilities? 

Rather, make the entirety of your events amazing with these 10 hints for better event the board: 

Set clear destinations. ... 

Begin arranging now. ... 

Haggle with merchants. ... 

Assemble your systems. ... 

Be an early adopter. ... 

Do a go through. ... 

Tune in to members. ... 

Gain from each event. 

Do event organizers travel a great deal? 

They head out consistently to go to events they sort out and to visit planned gathering locales, now and then in outlandish areas around the globe. Organizers consistently team up with customers, cordiality laborers, and meeting participants. ... Most gathering, show, and event organizers work all day. 

How would I become an event organizer with no experience? 

The most effective method to Become an Event Planner with No Experience 

#1 Know what the activity involves. You may believe that event arranging is turning up on the day and ensuring the champagne is streaming uninhibitedly, and everything abandons a hitch. ... 

#2 Start little… ... 

#3 Build your range of abilities. ... 

#4 Build your system and contacts. ... 

#5 Build a portfolio. ... 

Lastly, advance yourself! 

Is Event Planning unpleasant? 

Event arranging is an unpleasant activity and we mean STRESSFUL. An ongoing report from the U.S enlistment site CareerCast concurs, putting 'event co-ordinator' as the fifth most distressing employment behind any semblance of fireman and being an officer.