Sept 2018

Elegant Royal Theme Decor in Bahraich

A successful Naming Ceremony organized by our team in Leizure Resort , Bahraich on 19 September. We are Specially thankful to Dr. Ambuj Pandey for assigning this opportunity. Prince theme party very popular between the boys .If we see the success of prince theme party in Bahraich, there teen boys are fully responsible. Because they never think he is a prince of his parents. Parents also give same response to his son as a prince. So this theme party is best option on his birthday and kids enjoy very much.

Prince theme is a royal theme for kids birthday. In addition to this Prince is small teen boy who succeeded king of the state of his father. If we see the scenario almost parents who have single son they prefer first Prince party on the occasion of his son birthday. So we got amazing opportunity for fullfillment the wish of son and his ultimate parents . So we conduct the prince theme party for the same.


  • Normal balloon row was running around the backdrop as shown.
  • Rose Flowers and 2 Prince Frames was placed on the backdrop as shown.
  • 6 LED power cans was placed on the stage as shown.
  • Blue Georgette cloth hanging with feather lamp, Glitter balls , Star & crown shape hangings was placed as shown.
  • Cake table decoration with balloon bunches & crown .
  • Golden Chair Covers with Blue chair ribbon.

Photo booth:-

  • Blue lykra cloth of 6x8 feet was used as the backdrop as shown.
  • Rose flower was running at the right portion in the backdrop as shown.
  • Royal letter was placed on the top of the backdrop as shown.
  • Cart cutouts was placed on the booth as shown.


  • Blue lyka cloth decorated Truss was placed at the entrance as shown with fallings & flowers.
  • 12 Balloon modeled pillars was placed either gallery of the entrance.
  • Balloon bunches was placed at the reception as shown.

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